Wasleh: A Bridge for Cultural and Linguistic Exchange

With the increasing cross-border communication and significant interaction between cultures, the importance of multilingual speaking skills has grown. In this context, the “Wasleh” program stands out as a unique initiative that combines linguistic learning and cross-cultural exchange at Souriyat across borders. This program reflects an ambitious vision to enhance communication within the community, whether through volunteers offering their language skills or students seeking to improve their understanding of different languages.

“Wasleh” distinguishes itself by providing educational lessons in four main languages: English, German, French, and Spanish. The program aims to broaden participants’ horizons and enhance their cultural and linguistic understanding by providing opportunities to gain new experiences that enable a deeper understanding of cultures.

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Mutual Learning

“Wasleh” promotes the process of cultural and linguistic exchange between volunteers proficient in various languages who want to improve their Arabic skills and students striving to master different languages. Therefore, “Wasleh” goes beyond traditional lessons, as volunteers also learn Arabic from the students, allowing for genuine interaction and mutual understanding, reflecting the core principles of cultural exchange.

An Atmosphere of Challenge and Collaboration

“Wasleh” offers diverse activities and unique segments designed to stimulate students, enhance a spirit of cooperation, and encourage challenge. These activities include educational games, creative workshops, and cultural discussion sessions, allowing participants to maximize their experience.

Flexible Participation Schedule

“Wasleh” provides educational lectures five days a week, with the program lasting two hours each day. The flexible program times contribute to providing opportunities for various students and volunteers to participate with ease.

Social Impact

More than 40 students benefit from “Wasleh,” in addition to nine passionate volunteers providing their lessons. This program serves as a real bridge for communication and mutual understanding among students and volunteers from diverse backgrounds. The program enhances a spirit of solidarity and collaboration, making it an inspiring model for successful social and educational initiatives.

“Wasleh” emphasizes that effective communication and interaction between cultures can make a real difference in building a world characterized by harmony and cultural integration.