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SAB primarily provides ongoing support for Taujihi (the Jordanian high school diploma) students.

Since their inception, nearly 200 students annually have applied to enrol in these courses. Additionally, SAB continuously offers workshops on soft skills, technical courses, and language classes, including English, French and German taught at the centre by volunteer native speakers. The SAB’s education programme has successfully produced a sustainable impact thanks to your ongoing support. Many of the students who have benefited from our projects have continued their higher education via SAB’s sponsorship or other scholarships funded by the EU and other scholarship providers.
In 2009, SAB collaborated with Mosaic and administered a mentoring programme to assist students in locating and applying for educational opportunities.

During the Covid-I9 pandemic, SAB swiftly shifted its projects to online delivery to provide students with support during the crisis.

SAB partnered with Open Society University Network in 2021 to offer online accredited courses with on-site facilitators. This programme will give those who were unable to complete their education due to war and displacement access to higher education.

In Idlib SAB has partnered with several organisations to provide educational assistance by sponsoring schools and facilitating literacy classes.

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To escape 11 years of intense conflict, millions of Syrian families have fled their homes.
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