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Emergency Relief

SAB was initially formed in response to the displacement in Syria and the massive influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan. SAB has provided hundreds of families with food and non-food items for winterization over the years. This included clothing, bedding, firewood, and fuel.

Significantly. SAS was the first organisation to deliver 83 caravans to the al Zatari refugee camp. This has inspired other organisations to stop using tents that do not provide adequate protection and switch to caravans. As the displacement movement continues in Northern Syria due to insecurity. SAB remains among the first responders and ensures that people’s basic needs are met.

In 2021, SAB ran a project that contributed to the food security of two camps by constructing bakeries and providing ingredients for breadmaking.

Recently, SAB partnered with the internationally recognised organisation Hand in Hand for Aid and Development to expand its efforts in Syria and sponsor a housing project for displaced families.

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About Us
SAB is a women-led charity organisation registered in England under charity number 1171515.
Giving your time means helping to give refugees a chance at the future they deserve.
Join us in making a better, positive difference with and for the most vulnerable around the world.