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Board Members

Meet our board Members

Samera Tayan

Founder and Trustee
Samera Tayan, a native Syrian, holds a Bachelor of Arts in business from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She has an extensive background in charity and social work, including membership in the Syrian Friends in Britain society.

Samara Atassi

Executive Director and Co-Founder

Samara Atassi, a native Syrian, has a Bachelor of Science in pharmacy from Damascus University and a Master of Arts in Conflict and International Development from Bradford University/ School of Peace.

She has extensive social work and medical relief experience in Syria.

She is also the committee coordinator for studies and capacity building for the Syrian Feminist Lobby. Samara is also a co-researcher and a Senior Inclusion Worker for the NHS.

Safaa Alazzam


Safaa Alazzam, a native Syrian, holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Salford.

Safaa previously worked as a Software Engineer for the company Dematic, where she now serves as a Project Manager.

Rolla Rostam


Rolla Rostam, a native Syrian, is a solicitor qualified in England and Wales with both in-house and private practice general commercial experience. Rolla has participated in non-profit organisations in the past, including serving on the board of a Syrian Society in the Midlands and North of England. Rolla has also studied art and organised events, exhibitions, and art workshops, including at the SAB centre in Amman.