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SAB are making a ditference wherever they are whether t be in Syria, Jordan or the United Kingdom eroviding life saving aid and ife sustaining support.

More than 750,000 Syrian refugees have entered Jordan since the start of the conflict in that country. The majority of the four out of every five Syrian refugees in Jordan live in urban areas in poverty.

The recent influx of Syrian refugees into Jordan has increased the vulnerability of both refugee and Jordanian children and families as conflict continues to rage across the region. Both citizens and refugees in Jordan are having difficulty accessing basic social services.

Domestic problems like a lack of water, high unemployment rates, and overcrowded classrooms are only getting worse. As a result, refugees struggle to make a living, maintain their children’s education, and obtain sufficient nutrition and medical attention.

The majority of refugees in Jordan reside in urban areas, where they either use their savings to pay their rent or find shelter in vacant buildings.

Protection is necessary, especially for women. The probability that a woman will experience violence, whether at home or in the community, dramatically increases when she lives as a refugee.

When refugees in Jordan are struggling to make ends meet, they frequently turn to desperate measures like sending their kids to work or even leaving Jordan altogether.

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Can you assist us in providing more Syrian refugee families with the means to survive and rebuild their livelihoods?

Your contributions will be delivered! Currently, we are on the ground in Syria and Jordan, delivering your donations to the poorest and most vulnerable people. See how your donations are positively impacting Syria.

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