Women Empowerment

Despite all the pain and loss, which affected Syrian women, many of them did not want to wait for aid and donations to survive. Their sense of dignity and their persistence were stronger than the hard living conditions of refugees. Souriyat Across Borders established workshops in its centre in Amman that were aimed at supporting Syrian women and providing them with vocational training so they could have the necessary skills to continue their lives and secure an independent and sustainable life.

We named this project as “Souryana” (our Syria) so it could be a project for everyone who believes in the future of Syria. The project started with thirty women in 2014 and continued 2016 and despite many obstacles including Jordanian licensing regulations. All of which we were able to overcome and resolve.

Souriyana was the hope of every woman who loves to work and believe in the continuity of life. Despite all the pain, Souriyana succeeded in spreading of love and hope in all countries. Souriyana participated in several charity markets and exhibitions in several Arabic and European cities including Manchester, United Kingdom, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and of course in Amman, Jordan, where the project was first launched in collaboration with the Qatar Red Crescent.

One the leading events in which Souriyana took part in was Jara market which is held annually in Rainbow Street, Amman in cooperation with several embassies and attracts visitors from all over the world. We are proud that Souriyana’s traditional and modern designs have continuously received positive feedback.

With each new successful story, our pride of Syrian women increased more. This project achieved the dream of every woman to feel that she can, despite the pressures of society, be independent and take her role in building the future and securing the protection her children needed.

Souriyana restored hope to a number of women who lost their husbands and to their children that they could have a good life and future, allowing them to forget the hardships they went through.

The number of women had been gradually decreasing, from thirty to twenty and then to five women. This was either due to the women emigrating from Amman or getting other jobs opportunities after gaining the necessary skills, which was one of the most important objectives of the project.

Souriyana continues its work to this day, however, the production is limited to special orders received from delegations visiting our centre or other special requests. To get in touch to find out more about special orders, please contact us at admin1@souriyat.org.