Current Partnerships

The United Medical fund is a collaboration between humanitarian organisations in Amman, of which SAB is a member of the executive board. The fund supports up to 40 medical procedures per month for the most vulnerable Syrian refugees in Amman.

United Medical fund in Jordan

The British Council has been a partner of SAB since October 2015 through the EU-funded LASER programme.  More than 600 students in around 30 classes have learned English and academic skills in British Council classes at SAB, with about 30% of these students going on to take the IELTS exams, and the remainder taking the Aptis exam.  Around 50 students from SAB have also entered EU-funded online bachelor’s degrees as part of the LASER programme.

British Council

Souriyat Across Borders has been working closely with Rethink Rebuild Society since its incorporation and became official sponsors in 2016. RR is an organisation that works towards improving the lives of Syrians in the UK and helping them become positively established within the British society.

Rethink Rebuild Society

Asia Development and training has been supporting SAB by providing technical and training services to our rehabilitation centre in Amman since 2015.

Asia Development and Training

Alalusi Foundation has been one of SAB’s key supporters since 2016 by providing training and therapeutic services at the SAB centre. They also uses SAB’s centre as a base for their activities in Jordan.

Alalusi Foundation

IMC provides child protection and psychosocial support services to vulnerable child refugees in Jordan, including to those residing in SAB’s centre. In consideration, IMC uses the centre as an office and the base for its child specific services in Amman.

International Medical Corps

Previous Partnerships

Souriyat Across Borders collaborated with Syria Relief in establishing a primary school in rural Aleppo from September 2015 to July 2016. Prior to that, SAB and Syria Relief worked closely together in delivering skills workshops aimed at refugee women in Jordan under the working name Souriyana.

Syria Relief