Obayda was an 18 month old toddler and the youngest patient that we have welcomed at our centre. He came to us with his grandmother because his mother was unable to leave his siblings on their own in Syria, to come with him.

The war cruelly stole Obayda’s right leg from him. We provided him with a prosthetic limb and the required training and physiotherapy that always comes with using prosthesis for the first time. Obayda’s first steps were taken using the prosthetic leg. We have high hopes for Obayda. As unfortunate as his injuries are, his young age gives him a good chance to control his prosthesis leg as if it was his real one.

We tried to create a warm and homely environment for Obayda through our activities so that he might have a chance to restore innocence of his childhood that was robbed from him.

كان عبيدة، من درعا، الطفل ذو السنة والنصف أصغر جريح تم استقباله في مركزنا. كان برفقة جدته نظراَ لصعوبة ظروف والدته التي لم تستطع ترك بقية إخوته في سوريا والقدوم معه إلى الأردن.

سرقت الحرب رجل عبيدة اليمنى. قام المركز باستضافته وتصنيع طرف اصطناعي له وتدريبه وتأمين العلاج الفيزيائي اللازم. قام عبيدة بخطوته الأولى بطرف اصطناعي، فكان صغر عمره من حسن حظه حيث سيستطيع التحكم برجله الاصطناعية كما لو كانت رجله التي خسرها. حاولنا تأمين جو عائلي لعبيدة من خلال النشاطات التي نقوم بها لعله يساهم في إعادة طفولته التي سرقت منه.