Education and skills

The founders of Souriyat Across Borders are mothers working hard to offer the best for their children’s futures. They want all Syrian children to have the same opportunities. Last year, SAB provided high school students with lessons in the subjects offered in the Jordanian school system. This year we have enrolled over 200 students, and wish them good luck!

In cooperation with the Bokrah Project, we have also offered a TOEFL courses for high school graduates who will be applying to university.

The British Council has been a partner of Souriyat Across Borders since October 2015 through the EU-funded LASER programme. More than 600 students in approximately 30 classes have learned English and academic skills in British Council classes held at Souriyat Across Borders, with about 30% of these students going on to take the IELTS exams, and the remainder taking the Aptis exam. Around 50 of our students have also entered EU-funded online Bachelor’s degrees as part of the LASER programme.

In addition to French and German courses, we also provide a range of computer skills courses, such as ICDL, web programming, AutoCAD and Adobe Photoshop.