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قابلوا الناس الذين يجعلون تحقيق الأمور الرائعة ممكناً

Board Members

أعضاء مجلس الأمانة

Samera has a BA in business from the KSA. She has previous work experience in charity and social work, including being a member of the Syrian Friends in Britain society. Samera is a co-founder of SAB, trustee and chair of the board. She is based in Manchester, UK.

تحمل سامرة إجازة البكالوريوس في إدارة الأعمال من المملكة العربية السعودية. لديها خبرة عمل سابقة في مجال العمل الخيري والاجتماعي ومنها عضويتها في الجمعية البريطانية للأصدقاء السوريين. سامرة هي إحدى مؤسسات سوريات عبر الحدود وتترأس مجلس الأمناء وهي مستقرة في مانشستر، المملكة المتحدة.

Samera Tayan

Chair of the Board and trustee

سامرة طيان

رئيسة المجلس وعضو أمانة

Samara has a BSc in pharmacy from the University of Damascus. She has an exhaustive experience in social work and medical relief in Syria. She was a volunteer with the Red Cross movement in Jordan and she is currently a volunteer with the British Red Cross in the UK. Samara is a Co-founder and trustee of Souriyat Across Borders. Based  in Manchester, UK.

Samara Atassi

Co-founder board member and trustee

Zeina has a BA in social sciences. She has previous experience in humanitarian aid within Syria. She is a co-founder and board member of souriyat Across Borders. Zeina is based in KSA.

Zeina Aloulabi

Co-founder board member

Rolla is a solicitor qualified in England and Wales with general commercial experience both in-house and in private practice. Rolla has been involved in non-profit organisations before, including being a board member of a Syrian Society based in the Midlands and North of England. In addition, Rolla has studied art and has been involved in running events, exhibitions and art workshops, including at the SAB centre in Amman. Having provided support to SAB since its founding, she joined as a board member and trustee in 2016.

Rolla Rostam

Board member and trustee

Nisreen has a BA  in English literature from the University of Damascus. Experience in teaching (Montessori system) and specialised in learning difficulties. She joined Souriyat Across Borders in 2014 as a board member. She is based in Jordan and a representative for the other members of the Board.

Nisreen Khazna Katbi

Board member and head of operations - Jordan

Samar is a Course Leader and Senior Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. She also works as an interpreter, translator, trainer and consultant. She has run training workshops at national and international organisations.  In the past, she was an active member of the Damascus British Women’s Association, which, among other things, raised funds for charities in Damascus through activities and events. Samar is a board member and spokesperson for SAB.

Samar Mardini

Board member and Spokesperson

Rest Of The Team

باقي أعضاء الفريق

Eyad Alayoubi

Education and Media Officer

Khaled Saidi

Medical Officer

Ibrahim AL-mansour

Administrator- Jordan

Abir Tobji

Administrator - United Kingdom

Nazir Alaccad

Financial Controller

Obada Alasmi

Disability Equality Coach

Board Members

تقدير فخري

Rawia has a BA in business administration and accounting from the University of Damascus. She is based in Bahrain. We recognise, and will always be grateful for, Rawia’s contribution as a co-founder of Souriyat Across Borders.

Rawia Al Aswad

Manar has a BA in English literature and previous experience in information technology. She is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We recognise, and will always be grateful for, Manar’s contribution as a co-founder of Souriyat Across Borders.

Manar Bustani