Support Obada’s skills training

After being shot by a sniper which caused him a spinal cord injury, Obada had to leave his passion for football behind. However, his persistence was stronger than his disability. Let’s help Obada continue to motivate his peers to overcome their barriers through the Disability Equality Training Programme!

Amount Raised: £ 2 Target: £10000

Relief campaigns

We believe that we have a crucial role in alleviating the suffering of Syrian refugees. Therefore, we continue to provide humanitarian aid to the people in need through the distribution of food, hygiene kits and clothing to Syrian refugees in villages in Jordan and Syria. Support our programme to help more families live in dignity!

Amount Raised: £ 0 Target: £20000


The future of Syria will be in the hands of the next generations. Therefore, we have been working tirelessly to provide the much-needed educational and vocational training and skill to as many Syrian children and youths as possible. Your contribution will help our teachers to continue and reach even more people in need!

Amount Raised: £ 0 Target: £20000

Child victims

Basel, is a Syrian boy who lost several limbs after being injured by a landmine explosion in Syria. After receiving medical treatment, he became one of our rehabilitation centre residents and where he has regular physiotherapy and psychological support sessions. Your support can help children like Basel regain some of their childhood!

Amount Raised: £ 0 Target: £20000

Limbs and wheelchairs

Eid, lost most of his family members in Syria as a result of a barrel bomb. He also lost both of his legs. With your support, we managed to provide him the necessary surgical procedures as well as prosthetic limbs. With your generous contribution, we can keep supporting war-injured people like Eid and providing them with the necessary equipment!

Amount Raised: £ 0 Target: £20000